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Selfie Obsession!!

selfie-300x156 Selfie Obsession!! Newport Beach Female Plastic Surgeon | Orange County Selfie Obsession and Plastic Surgery

Everyone is doing it! Can you guess what “IT” is? If you said SELFIES, you are right!! They are quickly (if not already) becoming a huge trend in social media but did you know that psychiatrists are linking them to a person’s obsession about their looks?? Let’s admit it, when we take a selfie, we take several over & over, right? We critique our skin, face, hair & so forth, until we find the perfect one we want to post…where we look just right! Check out these stats from The American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. They conducted a member survey to uncover the latest trends in cosmetic procedures and found that there was a 10% increase in Rhinoplasty as well as a 6% increase in eyelid surgery in 2013. What do you think…sounds like a result of selfies?!? Social platforms are clearly forcing patients to hold a microscope up to their own image & look at themselves with a more self-critical eye.

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Geographic Beauty

IMG_7021-219x300 Geographic Beauty Newport Beach Female Plastic Surgeon | Orange County NY Face vs. the LA Face and the differences that the Top Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists noticed

Beauty isn’t just in the eye of the beholder…it depends on where you live too! Geography plays an important role when it comes to what is considered desirable. For example, what is considered beautiful in Japan is vastly different from what the people of Paris consider beautiful. This difference in opinion isn’t just from country to country…it is also differs from coast to coast in the United States! With that said, let’s talk about the NY Face vs. the LA Face and the differences that the Top Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists noticed.

The perfect example of the NY Face is actress, Robin Wright. She obtains beauty and femininity, but still looks strong and confident which is what the environment demands from a successful New York women. Therefore, NY women gravitate towards wanting a stronger chin, jaw & nose. A 50 year old NY woman can easily be the hottest woman in the room!

Now, the LA woman…

IMG_7020-229x300 Geographic Beauty Newport Beach Female Plastic Surgeon | Orange County We all know Meg Ryan as a mother and actress who is typically cast as the pretty girl next door. Plastic Surgeons consider her face the typical LA woman’s face…sweet and feminine with fuller lips, a bit more exaggerated but still beautiful and youthful. They also noted that LA women have softer, clearer skin maybe due to the weather or the laid-back Californian lifestyle, but stated that they are the closest to “achieving perfection than women anywhere else”.

You would never think that geography has any influence on beauty, but it’s interesting to see just how much it does!

Angela Champion, M.D.